Implementation of
In-Office Discount Plans

We have all the tools you need

to implement and track

your discount plans

In-Office Discount Plans

You determine the premiums
and discount amounts

* Gain more new patients
* Get more referrals
* Increase case acceptance
* Increase patient compliance
* Increase retention
* Reactivate patients

Patients are always looking for ways to save money and dental offices are always looking for ways to bring in more new patients.  In-Office discount plans benefit patients and dental offices!
Implementing discount plans requires strategy as well as contracts, letters, brochures and other marketing material.

You don’t have to create these yourself!

P3 Plus Dental has created a ‘starter package’ allowing dental offices to implement discount plans with ease.
In addition to our implementation services, your name will be listed on the website as an office that offers a discount plan.
New patients that are looking for a new dentist in their area that offers P3 Plus Dental will find you!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be their new dentist!

The P3 Plus Dental starter package includes all the things you need to implement an in-office discount plan.
YOU control the patient’s premium amount!
YOU control the percentage you will be discounting!

We provide:

  Documentation such as contracts, letters and emails.
  Marketing material such as brochures, referral cards and key tags.
  Marketing ideas both internal and external as well as training tools for your staff.
  A provider log-in on our website for updates on training materials, marketing ideas, letters and email templates as well as access to tips, tricks and FAQs from other P3 Plus providing offices.
  A tracking tool for monitoring expiration dates, production and overall value of memberships